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 Our Community-   Atlanta, Georgia 

Helping Those in Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation

Since December 2015, we give gifts to the men's families in treatment at the Christian Family Center in Soperton, Ga. We also provide bedsheets, toiletries, and other essential items. The Christian Family Center is a non-profit religious organization ministering to the addicted.

Helping the Homeless in Atlanta

20:35 Worldwide, Inc. actively works towards short and long-term solutions to homelessness in Georgia.

We begin passing out care packages in Atlanta's inner city starting in February of 2024.

Helping Survivors of Domestic Violence in Georgia

20:35 Worldwide, Inc. believes that everyone deserves relationships that are free from Domestic Violence. Starting January 2023, our non-profit has partnered with Partners Against Domestic Violence (PADV) to help support the women and families  who are survivors of domestic violence.

Each of these campaigns resonates with the mission and vision of 20:35 Worldwide, Inc. Through volunteerism and donations, we hope to create positive long-lasting changes in our community.

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