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When You Help Someone, You Help Everyone

20:35 WorldWide, Inc. was founded on the belief that it is better to give than to receive. Based in Atlanta, Georgia, we strive to fulfill our mission by providing in a variety of areas on a domestic and international level.

Our Story

20:35 WorldWide, Inc. was founded after a mission trip to Africa proved that it takes more than a single trip to have a positive, lasting impact on a village such as our main focus in South Western Kenya. President and CEO, Taylor Lowmon, was moved by the people of Naivasha and wanted to continue working with that community to make practical, life sustaining, multi-generational improvements.

Our Vision

At 20:35 WorldWide, Inc., we work to make a meaningful difference both locally and internationally. We are dedicated to uplifting communities and individuals through our diverse range of initiatives.

Our Team

Meet the faces behind our organization and their stories!

What We Do

Check out our outreach events in Georgia and our previous trips to Kenya.

Our Commitment

We are committed to finding ways to create positive impacts wherever we can. Our board members and volunteers bring a wealth of talent, experience, and passion to our mission. Through their generous financial contributions and resources, this non-profit is made possible. We are always seeking like-minded individuals who share a heart for giving and want to make a difference.

Some of our generous partners
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